Words of Encouragement

August 16, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes that little boost of encouragement comes, just when I need it the most. Before I get to the real point to my story-- here is a little history for you's that don't know or that are new to my page!

I initially started my photography business when my husband was in Iraq. He has done two tours- first one 15 months and the second one was 9 months. I have always had a love for photography, but I needed to take it to the next level to keep my mind off of him being gone. In the meantime, I lived by myself and I gave birth to our son while he was gone. I am a very strong person and most people would say they admire my work ethic but don't understand how I do it all. I struggle to make it all work as well but I get through it. I think people always think that 'others' make it look so easy, and it all reality, it is no easier for me either! I'm just the same as you!

Currently-- fast forward a few years... My husband is out of the army and we have two beautiful babies! We both work full-time jobs during the day, I do photography on nights and weekends and then my husband is going to school full-time at night to get his Masters at St. Ambrose University. I often find myself wondering how I do it all. I always put a lot of pressure on myself and I want to do everything the best and nothing less.

My photography business means the world to me and I don't know how much each of you impact my life! I try the hardest, from the bottom of my heart to capture the most beautiful pictures I possibly know how to do. I spend countless hours educating myself, focusing on safety of newborns (all those poses don't just happen lol), and then of course... taking the photos and editing them after the kids go to bed each night!

I have always wanted to be the best photographer I could be and be a photographer I could afford. I see other photographers charging outrageous prices and hey- if people are paying that, then great! On the other hand, I also need to make enough that I can pay the bills at home! I always keep a conscious mind when I am pricing different shoots. I hope you can all understand and appreciate that.

Back to my real point-- lately when I have gone out in public or to the county fairs, people have been coming up to me because they recognize me from my photography work and my Facebook page. You don't understand how unbelievably happy that makes me feel. I have received a few emails with encouraging words such as this:

  • Thanks so much!!!! They look incredible!! It's going to be so hard to choose from! We definitely chose the right photographer :-) -Mitch
  • I just wanted to say thank you again! Her pictures are amazing and everyone loves them! Already can't wait for her 3 months!- Ashley
  • You did a great job and you were wonderfully unobtrusive! I know we will gladly recommend you! These are great photos! Thanks!- Georgann
  • These are absolutely perfect! I love them all!! You are so talented!- Shawna

Just recently, I have been seeing a few newsfeeds go through on my Facebook-- you know that column thing on the right and I thought I saw my name and then I looked, I was recommended to somebody 3x by different people to somebody that was looking for a photographer. My business has completely been built on word of mouth and I personally think that is the best recommendation anybody could get. I seriously can't thank all of you enough, from the bottom of my heart! I love my job and I love and care and each and every one of you! It's all of you that make me continuing to do what I do! My business is because of you and I shall never forget that!

Now that I gave you a sap story... you can go one with the rest of your day! And I'm proud of you if you are reading this last line and made it through it all ♥♥ I just had to share!


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